Take a look at today’s top companies and you can’t help but conclude that diversity and inclusion deliver results.

In our globalized economy, organizations that minimize these values or treat them as mere buzzwords do so at their own risk.

Their more agile and forward-thinking peers are already translating diversity into competitive advantage, leveraging it into new markets, and reaping its quantifiable gains.

So what are these winning enterprises doing?
And how is it working?

Trailblazers takes you into some of the world’s top performing companies for insights on how they are expanding the definition, practice, and bottom-line benefits of diversity.

You’ll meet twelve leading Chief Diversity Officers and discover the real-world strategies they have developed to win talent, optimize internal performance, broaden marketing reach, and more.

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Yes You Can!

If you need that extra boost to get where you re going, I can tell you with confidence that this book will provide the advice you need to know that yes, you can get there! We are proud to present authors whose chapters will give you some tools to help you along your journey to wherever you want to go. I have to admit that there have been times in my life when I definitely thought, No, I can't! All successful people get discouraged sometimes. But they don't let discouragement stop them. When you ve hit a wall, you have to push through, knowing that eventually yes, you can make it. The authors I interviewed for this book gave me fascinating and innovative ideas about how to push through to achieve that Yes You Can mindset. Yes you can is a mantra that you can use every day for encouragement. Like the Little Engine that could in the children's book, you can say, Yes I can, yes I can, all the way up the hills in your life until you grasp what you are reaching for. The preparation for this book was done by way of the authors education and their impressive experiences in business. But the primary source of their preparation was life itself. Each author s life experiences provided unique insights into what yes you can truly means. Their suggestions will help you succeed in every area of life business and personal. I highly recommend that you not only read this book but also use it for encouragement and for new ideas about how you can push through every obstacle with confidence, knowing that Yes You Can!

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