Unlimited Possibilities

Career Girls. Have you heard of it?  Probably not…..at least not yet. I believe this is going to be big.

I had not heard of it either until I was recently asked by a colleague to participate as a potential role model to help young girls learn more about career choices.

Linda Calhoun, founder and executive producer, is an amazing woman of vision, passion and results who is bridging the gap between young girls aspirations and dreams of careers and putting real women’s faces and personal stories to the attainment of these careers and positions. Young girls who are aspiring accountants, business executives, chemical engineers, anesthesiologist, researchers and the list goes on – can see for themselves the embodiment of successful women in the career of their choice or maybe even a career they never even thought about before.

For Linda, the vision is simple: give young girls concrete methods of attaining their dreams through dialogue with successful women in a manner that is scalable, efficient, personable, and timely. She does this through dialogue with women who are successfully achieving their career ambitions and who, like Linda, want to give back to the community of women through being  willing to discuss the career paths they’ve taken to become successful in their fields. Linda provides  young girls with the much needed personal insights and the educational materials they need to make better decisions about their own careers.

Until recently, what’s been available to young girls regarding knowledge of potential careers has mostly been the printed word between the four corners of a page unless the young girl was fortunate enough to have had the benefit of a mentor in a particular field. Even so, at best they would likely only become acquainted with 2-3 roles.  What’s different about Career Girls is that young girls get to “meet” the women behind the various roles and careers showcased on the Career Girls website. They get to “meet” a living, breathing person and learn at a deeper level what it means to be successful in a particular career from that woman’s perspective; they’re given personal insights into that woman’s career itself – the challenges, triumphs and what she sees as her purpose. They get to learn valuable information regarding that woman’s family, her value system, and her personal dreams for a better tomorrow.

Hat’s off to Linda Calhoun (and her husband/film producer Ed) for doing this great work! They are hoping to reach girls of all ethnicities, ages, and income levels through interactive media which they plan to distribute to various school districts across the world.

 Check it out at www.careergirls.org. You can also check out my particular profile at: http://www.careergirls.org/careers/business-executive