Welcome to Anderson People Strategies, LLC

Today, an organization's business goals are best met by the talents of entire teams of leaders - skillful, savvy and courageous individuals - who, regardless of position or authority, will step up repeatedly to provide necessary input and solutions to meet client needs. And every team must understand that solution,s without diversity of thoughts and perspectives, is like nature without a change of seasons.

ANDERSON PEOPLE STRATEGIES, LLC, is a successful results driven organization founded by Redia Anderson – a proven leader in the field of inclusion and diversity. We excel at utilizing inclusion to optimize the skills and talents of entire organizations. In our experience, there is no such thing as too many leaders - provided that leaders exhibit initiative and accountability in every professional relationship with clients and colleagues. As change continues coming in waves to our marketplace and workplace, more employees must be prepared, indeed required, to become leaders from their individual vantage points. At Anderson People Strategies, LLC, we strategically partner with you to unleash the power of diverse perspectives, talents and experiences to deliver clear, measurable results that contribute in tangible ways to your bottom line.